Laboratory Personnel

Lab personnel, Spring 2015

The USDA Central Small Grain Genotyping Lab, January 2017, front row, left to right: Dr. Pingping Zhang, Dr. Zhenqi Su, Mingqin Shao, Dr. Guihua Bai, Dr. Hui Chen, Abdulrahman Hashimi. Back row, left to right: Yaoguang Li, Lingling Chai, Umara Rana, Dr. Amy Bernardo, and Dr. Paul St. Amand.


  • Dr. Guihua Bai

    Dr. Guihua Bai
    Principal Investigator

  • Dr. Paul St. Amand

    Dr. Paul St. Amand
    USDA Research Geneticist
    Manages the USDA genotyping lab, analyzes genotyping samples, and provides genotyping training to visitors and new scientists.

  • Dr. Amy Bernardo

    Dr. Amy Bernardo
    Research Associate
    Develops markers for disease resistance genes, and conducts DNA and RNA sequencing using our Ion Proton and ABI3730.

  • Lisa Pacha

    Lisa Pacha
    Program Support Assistant
    Administrative and secretarial duties.

  • Morgan Peterson

    Morgan Peterson
    Lab Assistant
    Performs and teaches DNA extractions, general housekeeping, and prepares reagents.

Visiting Scientists

Postdoctoral Scientists

  • Dr. Hui Chen

    Hui Chen
    Molecular and genetic mechanisms of wheat resistance to diseases and pre-harvest sprouting (PHS) based on next-generation sequencing technologies.

  • Dr. Zhenqi Su

    Zhenqi Su
    Construction of high-resolution maps for genes conditioning Fusarium head blight resistance and traits related to wheat kernel size.

    Curriculum Vitae

Graduate Students

  • Yaoguang Li

    Yaoguang Li
    Studying the interaction of plant height genes in wheat.

  • Abdulrahman Hashimi

    Abdulrahman Hashimi
    Mappping Fusarium head blight resistance QTL in wheat cultivar Lyman.

  • Mingqin Shao

    Mingqin Shao
    Characterizing wheat leaf rust resistance gene Lr42 and mapping QTL for multiple traits in hard winter wheat cultivars.

    Curriculum Vitae
  • Umara Rana

    Umara Rana
    Mappping Fusarium head blight resistance QTL in wheat.

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