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[DIR] Parent Directory - [DIR] @eaDir/ 24-Aug-2015 15:40 - [   ] A Huge Plus for Breeders2008.pdf 24-Aug-2015 14:52 1.5M [   ] A major QTL controlling seed dormancy and pre-harvest sprouting resistance on chromosome 4A in a Chinese wheat landrace.pdf 14-Jul-2008 15:27 250K [   ] A QTL for early heading in wheat cultivar Suwon 92.pdf 08-Mar-2006 20:08 142K [   ] AFLP analysis of Cynodon Dactylon(L.) Pers. var. Dactylon genetic variation.pdf 01-Mar-2005 17:27 231K [   ] Bidirection introgression between Pinus taeda and Pinus echinata_evidence from morphological and molecular data.pdf 01-Mar-2005 13:22 497K [   ] Covariation for Microsatellite Marker Alleles Associated with Rht8 and Coleoptile Length in Winter Wheat.pdf 02-Sep-2005 11:27 87K [   ] Deletion of a Chromosome Arm Altered Wheat Resistance to Fusarium Head Blight and Deoxynivalenol Accumulation in Chinese Spring.pdf 11-Feb-2007 10:34 103K [   ] Diverse origins of aluminum-resistance sources in wheat.pdf 25-Jan-2011 12:53 258K [   ] Fusarium graminearum-induced changes in gene expression between Fusarium head blight-resistant and susceptible wheat cultivars.pdf 22-May-2014 10:29 157K [   ] Genetic Analyses of Chinese Cynodon Accessions.pdf 31-Mar-2006 12:58 408K [   ] Genetic Diversity of Cynodon transvaalensis Burtt-Davy and Its Relatedness.pdf 08-May-2005 09:25 201K [   ] Identification of new sources of aluminum resistance in wheat.pdf 08-Nov-2007 08:58 294K [   ] Main Effects, Epistatis, and Environmental Interactions.pdf 12-Apr-2006 20:36 771K [   ] Management and resistance in wheat and barley to fusarium head blight.pdf 11-Aug-2004 17:54 146K [   ] Mapping of QTLs prolonging the latent period of Puccinia triticina infection in wheat.pdf 27-Jan-2005 13:34 315K [   ] Marker-assisted characterization of Asian wheat lines for resistance to Fusarium head blight.pdf 23-Oct-2006 15:39 247K [   ] Molecular Characterization of a Powdery Mildew Resistance Gene.pdf 12-Apr-2006 20:34 235K [   ] Molecular Characterization of Atlas 66-Derived Wheat Near-Isogenic Lines Contrasting in Aluminum (Al) Tolerance.pdf 22-May-2014 10:24 1.4M [   ] Molecular characterization of Fusarium head blight resistance from wheat variety Wangshubai.pdf 10-Jan-2005 21:03 194K [   ] Molecular Characterization of Slow Leaf-Rusting Resistance in Wheat.pdf 27-Feb-2005 23:42 240K [   ] Molecular mapping of a quantitative trait locus for aluminum tolerance in wheat cultivar Atlas 66.pdf 22-Dec-2005 16:04 255K [   ] Molecular markers for wheat leaf rust resistance gene Lr41.pdf 21-Nov-2008 12:31 311K [   ] New Fusarium Head Blight-Resistant Sources from Asian Wheat Germplasm.pdf 21-May-2008 08:25 532K [   ] Novel quantitative trail loci (QTL) for Fusarium head blight resistance in wheat cultivar Chokwang.pdf 22-Dec-2005 16:01 301K [   ] Nylon Filter Arrays Reveal Differential Expression.pdf 11-Aug-2005 11:40 217K [   ] QTLs for Fusarium head blight response in a wheat DH population of Wangshuibai_Alondra's.pdf 08-Mar-2006 20:07 247K [   ] Quantitative trait loci for aluminum resistance in Chinese wheat landrace FSW.pdf 18-Aug-2008 12:09 467K [   ] Quantitative trait loci for aluminum resistance in wheat cultivar Chinese Spring.pdf 17-Jul-2006 16:22 266K [   ] Quantitative trait loci for aluminum resistance in wheat.pdf 24-Oct-2006 16:15 205K [   ] Quantitative Trait Loci for Fusarium Head Blight Resistance in a Recombinant Inbred population of Wangshuibai_Wheaton.pdf 17-Dec-2007 12:37 343K [   ] Quantitative trait loci for resistance to fusarium head blight and DON.pdf 22-Aug-2006 17:36 164K [   ] Quantitative trait loci for resistance to pre-harvest sprouting in US hard white winter wheat Rio Blanco.pdf 26-Oct-2008 16:19 449K [   ] Quantitative trait loci for yield and related traits in the wheat population Ning7840 x Clark.pdf 21-Dec-2005 17:03 668K [   ] Registration of 'Bill Brown' Wheat.pdf 20-Oct-2008 13:03 507K [   ] Registration of 'Endurance' Wheat.pdf 16-Jul-2006 14:51 47K [   ] Registration of 'Guymon' Wheat.pdf 17-Jan-2008 14:32 471K [   ] Registration of 'Infinity CL' Wheat.pdf 30-Aug-2006 16:52 48K [   ] registration of 'NE01643' Wheat.pdf 17-Jan-2008 14:33 543K [   ] Single-Strand Conformational Polymorphism Markers Associated with a Major QTL for Fusarium Head Blight Resistance in Wheat.pdf 15-Nov-2008 11:23 224K [   ] Transcription analysis between two wheat near-isogenic lines contrasting in aluminum tolerance under aluminum stress.pdf 04-Jan-2007 08:53 595K [   ] Variation in Fusarium graminearum and Cultivar Resistance to Wheat Scab.pdf 12-Oct-2011 16:27 1.8M