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[DIR] Parent Directory - [   ] 'Billings' Wheat Combines Early Maturity, Disease Resistance, and Desirable Grain Quality for the Southern Great Plains, USA.pdf 22-May-2014 09:30 182K [DIR] @eaDir/ 12-Nov-2014 10:17 - [   ] Application of Genotyping-by-Sequencing on Semiconductor Sequencing Platforms-A Comparison of Genetic and Reference-Based Marker Ordering in Barley.pdf 03-Jan-2014 11:50 1.1M [   ] Association of candidate genes with drought tolerance traits 2013.pdf 21-Aug-2013 16:39 3.6M [   ] Cloning and Characterization of a Critical Regulator for Pre-harvest Sprouting in Wheat 2013.full.pdf 21-Aug-2013 14:57 928K [   ] Differentially Expressed Proteins Associated with Fusarium Head Blight Resistance in Wheat.pdf 24-Jan-2014 16:24 7.1M [   ] Evaluation of genetic markers for prediction of preharvest sprouting tolerance in hard white winter wheats.pdf 03-Jan-2014 12:10 427K [   ] Fusarium Head Blisht Resistance in US Winter Wheat Cultivars and Elite Breeding Lines.pdf 27-Oct-2013 11:51 329K [   ] Genome-wide comparative diversity uncovers multiple 2013.pdf 21-Aug-2013 16:26 1.9M [   ] Identification of a novel gene, H34, in wheat using recombinant inbred lines and single nucleotide polymorphism markers.pdf 23-Aug-2013 14:16 279K [   ] Molecular Markers for Leaf Rust Resistance Gene Lr42 in Wheat.pdf 13-Jun-2013 15:43 260K [   ] Registration of 'Bearpaw' Wheat.pdf 27-Apr-2013 10:39 182K [   ] Registration of 'Judee' Wheat.pdf 29-Jan-2013 16:49 470K [   ] Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in HSP17.8 and Their 2013.pdf 21-Aug-2013 17:25 401K [   ] Validation of Molecular Markers for New Stem Rust Resistance Genes in US Hard Winter Wheat.pdf 21-Jun-2013 09:21 523K [   ] Validation of quantitative trait loci for aluminum tolerance in Chinese wheat landrace FSW.pdf 23-May-2014 15:52 410K