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[DIR] Parent Directory - [DIR] @eaDir/ 12-Nov-2014 10:17 - [   ] Association Analysis of Stem Rust Resistance in U.S. Wheat.pdf 01-Aug-2014 14:27 350K [   ] Construction of dense linkage maps ‘‘on the fly’’ using early generation wheat breeding populations.pdf 27-May-2014 09:49 1.0M [   ] Fusarium-damaged kernels and deoxynivalenol in Fusarium-infected US winter wheat.pdf 22-May-2014 09:46 409K [   ] Genetic Diversity and Classification of Cytoplasm of Chinese Elite Foxtail Millet [Setaria italica (L.) P. Beauv.] Germplasm.pdf 02-Mar-2014 15:41 861K [   ] Genome-wide association analysis identified SNPs closely linked to a gene resistant to Soil-borne wheat mosaic virus.pdf 22-May-2014 09:50 695K [   ] Molecular Markers Linked to Genes Important for Hard Winter Wheat Production and Marketing in the US Great Plains.pdf 22-May-2014 09:52 751K [   ] Quantitative trail loci for Fusarium head blight resistance in Huangcandou x 'Jagger' wheat population.pdf 22-May-2014 09:53 627K [   ] Registration of 'Antero' Wheat.pdf 22-May-2014 09:48 670K [   ] Registration of 'Cowboy' Wheat.pdf 22-May-2014 09:54 665K [   ] Registration of 'Warhorse' Wheat.pdf 22-May-2014 09:49 109K [   ] Registration of Near-Isogenic Winter Wheat Germplasm Contrasting in Fhb1 for Fusarium Head Blight Resistance.pdf 22-May-2014 10:26 116K [   ] Registration of ‘Mattern’ Waxy (Amylose-free) Winter Wheat.pdf 17-Jan-2014 11:35 674K