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[DIR] Parent Directory - [DIR] @eaDir/ 23-Jul-2019 10:58 - [   ] A deletion mutation in TaHRC confers Fhb1 resistance to Fusarium head blight in wheat, 2019.pdf 23-Jul-2019 09:50 2.3M [   ] Agronomic Performance of Hard Red Winter Wheat Lines Introgressed With the Fhb1 Gene, 2019.pdf 30-May-2019 10:04 240K [   ] Assessing the genetic diversity and characterizing genomic regions conferring Tan Spot resistance in cultivated rye, 2019.pdf 30-May-2019 10:04 3.9M [   ] Biofortification of Hard Red Winter Wheat by Genes Conditioning Low Phytate and High Grain Protein Concentration, 2019.pdf 30-May-2019 10:04 1.9M [   ] Development of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Markers for the Wheat Curl Mite Resistance Gene Cmc4, 2019.pdf 30-May-2019 10:04 947K [   ] Fine Mapping of the Wheat Leaf Rust Resistance Gene Lr42, 2019.pdf 30-May-2019 10:04 1.6M [   ] Gene editing of the wheat homologs of TONNEAU1- recruiting motif encoding gene affects grain shape and weight in wheat, 2019.pdf 30-Jul-2019 10:55 3.4M [   ] Genetic Diversity, Population Structure, and Linkage Disequilibrium of Pearl Millet, 2019.pdf 29-Jul-2019 15:00 3.4M [   ] Identification of a candidate gene for a QTL for spikelet number per spike on wheat chromosome arm 7AL by high‐resolution genetic mapping, 2019.pdf 26-Aug-2019 15:20 1.8M [   ] Identification of powdery mildew resistance loci in wheat by integrating genome-wide association study (GWAS) and linkage mapping, 2019.pdf 26-Oct-2020 13:49 1.9M [   ] Imputation accuracy of wheat genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) data using barley and wheat genome references, 2019.pdf 30-May-2019 10:04 1.6M [   ] Molecular marker dissection of stem rust resistance in nebraska bread wheat germplasm, 2019.pdf 28-Aug-2019 14:15 1.3M [   ] Multiplex restriction amplicon sequencing a novel next-generation sequencing-based marker platform for high-throughput genotyping, 2019.pdf 23-Jul-2019 09:22 2.0M [   ] Persistence of rye (Secale cereale L.) chromosome arm 1RS in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) breeding programs of the Great Plains of North America, 2019.pdf 30-May-2019 10:04 600K [   ] Quantitative trait loci for Fusarium head blight resistance in wheat cultivars Yangmai 158 and Zhengmai 9023, 2019.pdf 11-Jul-2020 09:03 1.2M [   ] Registration of ‘FourOsix’ Hard Red Winter Wheat, 2019.pdf 08-Oct-2019 09:34 482K [   ] Registration of ‘KS Venada’ hard white winter wheat, 2019.pdf 02-Aug-2020 15:43 213K [   ] Registration of ‘Matterhorn’ Hard White Waxy Winter Wheat, 2019.pdf 30-May-2019 10:04 537K [   ] Thatcher wheat line RL6149 carries Lr64 and a second leaf rust resistance gene on chromosome 1DS, 2019.pdf 23-Jul-2019 09:22 853K [   ] Understanding the Genetic Basis of Spike Fertility to Improve Grain Number, Harvest Index, and Grain Yield in Wheat Under High Temperature Stress Environments, 2019.pdf 05-Jul-2020 11:35 1.9M