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[DIR] Parent Directory - [   ] Development of an Evaluation System for Fusarium Resistance in Wheat Grains and Its Application in Assessment of the Corresponding Effects of Fhb1, 2020.pdf 03-Jul-2020 11:53 1.7M [   ] Genetic dissection of heat-responsive physiological traits to improve adaptation and increase yield potential in soft winter wheat, 2020.pdf 05-Jul-2020 11:28 890K [   ] Identification of candidate chromosome region of sbwm1 for soil-borne wheat mosaic virus resistance in wheat, 2020.pdf 18-May-2020 15:00 2.3M [   ] Identification of two novel Hessian fly resistance genes H35 and H36 in a hard winter wheat line SD06165, 2020.pdf 21-May-2020 08:56 2.0M [   ] Increased prediction accuracy using combined genomic information and physiological traits in a soft wheat panel evaluated in multi-environments, 2020.pdf 27-Apr-2020 09:22 2.0M [   ] Non-coding RNAs Functional roles in the regulation of stress response in Brassica crops, 2020.pdf 02-Sep-2019 08:33 947K [   ] Reassigning Hessian fly resistance genes H7 and H8 to chromosomes 6A and 2B of the wheat cultivar ‘Seneca’ using genotyping-by-sequencing, 2020.pdf 09-Jun-2020 19:42 952K [   ] Registration of Bobcat hard red winter wheat, 2020.pdf 10-Sep-2020 11:01 157K [   ] The Hessian fly recessive resistance gene h4 mapped to chromosome 1A of the wheat cultivar ‘Java’ using genotyping‐by‐sequencing, 2020.pdf 03-Jul-2020 11:39 2.0M