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Wheat Genomics Sites:

  • International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium - A group of plant scientists, breeders, and growers dedicated to sequencing the wheat genome

  • IWGSC Wheat Genome Browser - Wheat Genome v1.0, Sequence and Annotation
  • Ensembl Plants for Triticum aestivum - Ensembl tools for the wheat genome
  • Wheat SNPHub Portal - China Agricultural University, Genomic variation datasets of wheat and its progenitors
  • Triticeae Gene Tribe (TGT) - China Agricultural University, Connect Emerging Assemblies in Triticeae by Genes
  • Genome Variation Map (GVM) - Beijing Institute of Genomics, Genome Variation Map (GVM)
  • Wheat Genome Variation Database (WGVD) - China Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University, WGVD | Variation Search, Genomic Signature Search, Genome Browser, and Alignment Search Tools (BLAST)
  • WheatGmap - China Sichuan Agricultural University, A Genomic Platform for Wheat Gene Mapping and Data Sharing
  • Wheat Zapper - A fast and flexible online application to predict orthologous relationships with rice, Brachypodium, and sorghum
  • PIECE - A plant gene-structure comparison and evolution database with 25 species; annotated genes have been classified based on the Pfam motif
  • European Triticae Genomics Initiative - Platform for the coordination of Triticeae genomics research
  • MIPS Wheat Genome Database - Provides access to the wheat UK 454 sequence instance in a multitude of ways
  • Phytozome - Tool to facilitate comparative genomic studies among green plants
  • WUblast - Allows protein and nucleotide database queries to find regions of sequence similarities quickly with minimal loss of sensitivity
  • GenBank at NCBI - annotated collection of all publicly available DNA sequences and many gene software tools
  • SEQanswers - information, forums, and a community for next generation sequencing
  • Gramene - a comparative resource for plants
  • TGI databases - TGI databases at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Wheat Genotyping Sites:

  • MASWheat - laboratory protocols for Marker Assisted Selection in wheat
  • PolyMarker - Automated bioinformatics pipeline for SNP assay development for polyploid species
  • Genome-Specific Primers in Polyploid Species - A tool to design genome-specific primers for polyploid wheat
  • Wheat CoOrdinated Agricultural Project (Wheat CAP) - Providing public information on marker-assisted selection protocols as well as education and outreach resources
  • CerealsDB - Provides KASP probes based on SNPs in wheat and access to the wheat 454 draft assemblies
  • Triticeae-CAP Homepage - wheat and barley SNPs, genotyping & phenotyping data
  • KOMUGI - Integrated database of wheat genomic resources
  • Phytopath - Integrates genome-scale data from important plant pathogen species with literature-curated information about the phenotypes of host infection
  • URGI - Tools to study genetic and genomic wheat data
  • Grain Genes - USDA database for Triticeae and Avena

Wheat Functional Genomics Sites:

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